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Don’t go to college and forget why you’re there

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Fuck BET forever.

On 106 & Park Karrueche made a comment about Beyonce not combing Blue Ivy’s hair that apparently was written by one of BET’s writers. Shame on BET for promoting the self-hatred of Black women and their natural hair. And fuck BET for thinking it’s okay to make fun of a toddler. This is why no one relevant is associated with that network. BET is a disgrace to the Black community.

I hope Beyonce never sets foot on a BET Awards stage ever again. Fuck them.

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demon: i possessed you

me: get the fuck out

demon: damn...aight...rude ass bitch...i just need a place to stay my girl kicked me out and i aint got no money...

me: shit man, you can stay but don't be spinning my head like an owl and shit


Lady Gaga as a mom.

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The song hallelujah always makes me cry but it also makes me think of Shrek???

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my therapist once told me that i have this obsession with seeking revenge… we’ll see about that

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me in the club


me at family parties


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mom: are you ever gonna clean your room?

me:  image

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*gets homework out of bag* i think that’s enough homework for one day

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